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Decal Stickers

from PiaPi UFO
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  • Printed in bright, vivid colors
  • Custom cut from thick, high-quality vinyl sheets


  • Clean surface with alcohol, allow area to dry.
  • Apply sticker from inside out to ensure the least amount of trapped bubbles.
  • Remaining bubbles can be pushed out to the sides gently with a credit card.
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Item Description

One 5" vinyl peeker sticker.
Rated for 2-5 years outdoors.

PiaPeek! For all your peeking needs. Position this perfect Pia peeker on your Porcshe, PC case, patio, phone, pterodactyl, and especially over your partner's face. Assert dominance by slapping one on your boss's rum-pia as well! Pia lays dominion over all!