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  • Printed in bright, vivid colors
  • Made with thick, high-gloss fine art paper
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Item Description

An awesome 11x17in print for you to hang up on the wall (or ceiling if you're daring). It's printed on high-quality printer with fantastic colors~

    Amazing Artists that made this Possible

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    Based on 441 reviews
    Kumo Fumo
    Ryan T.
    Great Item

    Love the design and quality. No complaints from me.

    Super Cool

    All the Keychains Have have received from Kawa Look amazing.

    Love there look

    I bought these not to use but to look at but I think the pictures are super high quality.

    Kumo Fumo
    Schaefer H.
    Kumo Fumo

    I really love how soft and cute the fumo is. I have no other words to describe it, it’s just cute.

    Kumo Fumo
    Sol I.

    Kumo Fumo

    Kumo Fumo
    D'Angelo B.

    Kumo Fumo

    Nick : Standee
    Fabiola P.
    Overall, Loved it!

    I loved the standee! The only downside I would say was how hard it was to put the two pieces together. I almost broke it. I'm not sure if its the plastic protecting the standee itself. I like to keep it because I don't like them getting scratched. But overall, I loved it!


    I LOVE IT!!!!!! ✨😆

    Kumo Fumo
    Dennys C.
    Love it.

    Nothing to really say. I'll take good came of it.

    Kumo Fumo
    Justin P.
    It’s smug aura mocks me and I like it.

    The fumo itself is adorable, and I completely didn’t realize I was going to get a charm & card. Overall, really do like my purchase and would buy again.

    It's simply adorable!

    I was looking for a keychain to put on one of my guitars and this was perfect for what I had in mind. It's colorful and I just love it!

    Kumo Fumo
    Isaias S.

    Kumo Fumo destroyed everything I love and it’s now just me and her

    Kumo Fumo
    Sam M.
    Best Spider

    The plush arrived quickly and in perfect condition, it feels soft and looks great.

    Kumo Fumo
    Ryan J.

    I love my Kumo Fumo


    I love them thanks for the merch.

    It was beautiful, I loved it so much

    Kumo Fumo
    Good material and build quality

    Unexpectedly soft shell, tight seams, clean cuts

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    Wanted to support a fav vtuber and this was just too cute! Well made and the colors are vibrant.

    Kumo Fumo
    Oliver A.
    My review of kumo fumo

    This is the cutest plushie i own! Its got nice details.

    Kumo Fumo
    Scott Y.
    Very cute

    It arrived looking very much as advertised, very cute!


    Love it all


    Absolutely fantastic and shipped quick and arrived quick absolutely love them

    Funni cat necklace

    Very high quality for the price. The chain is a little short but honestly, that's very easy to fix.

    High quality

    The pin is very high quality and sturdy.

    Fine merch from a fine waifu

    Everything was made of good quality and comfortable