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Yoki dayo

The foil makes it surprisingly firm. Print looks good.

10/10 very cute-ma

Loved It

The keychain is really nice!


I love it very much and I miss my pink dog PESTO IS BESTO !!!!!
this isn’t goodbye but we will see you again

Nice standee

Nice little standee

Socks Agency : Intern Lanyard and ID Holder

Looks Great High Quality

i love these patches they're so well made, the art is amazing. The only problem i'm having is deciding on best way to display them

Love this!

Absolutely love the art and the size. It's perfect for my weeb space.

Holds your ID well

Excellent ID lanyard for those with glasses and twin braid hairstyles.

Alfhilde : Dark Valkyrie Patches

Super Cute Miu Standee

High quality standee that is just the right size to add to my collection.

Socks Agency : Intern Lanyard and ID Holder

Great product. Only the best for Socks Agency interns!

Muu Inanaku Standee

The standee arrived safely in a nice package. It was also inside a sealed package. The protective film was nice to make sure no scratching occurred too! A very nice collectible.

No complaints

Quality materials. This particular item was designed with care and it shows.
The two piece badge case is very snug and has given me no problems since I put my key card in it. I would even say that the card (somehow) works better than it did before.

If you are on the fence about it, you should totally go for it.

Perfect size, perfect material, perfect color

Looks real nice, as advertised.

Lanyard do what Lanyard does

Holds an ID Card, to which is held by the Lanyard, to which fits nicely upon my neck. It's all I could ask for.

Goth Girl and The Jock : Acrylic Linking Keychain

Great lanyard

Great design and material also may grant you access to see hags

Identify in Style

Lanyard, card holder, key dongle, and wrist strap all are of high-quality.

Yeah dude

**** yeah dude


This was a present for my brother and though his birthday isn’t for another month, I know he’ll love it! (Mostly because he asked me for it in the first place!😂)

Victoria Valerie : Debut Standee

Socks Agency : Intern Lanyard and ID Holder

Sock yeah

Very nicely made, currently working great for my work badge!

Hey, thats a nice pin

Great weight and solid construction, and best of all RUBBER DAMMITS! the old brass dammits stamped from sheet metal ALWAYS fall off so the very very nice rubber ones are a great bit so your cute ophelia pin won't fall off.