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Summertime Keychains

from Koziichu
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  • Printed in bright, vivid colors
  • Metal Clasp


  • Make sure to remove the protective film from the face of the acrylic.
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Aug 31st - Sep 30th
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Oct 1st, 2023
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Item Description

Look! It's Kozii! But she's small, summery, and REALLY fluffy. She'll keep you company anywhere you want to take her! To the beach, to the family barbecue, anywhere! How about you alpaca your bag with your fluffy little friend? Please, somebody really needs to take her outside...

Tasty Alpaca
-themed ice cream, just like you used to remember it, straight from the Kawa Ice Cream truck! This derpy little guy will never, ever melt thanks to merchandising magic! Just.. don't actually put it in your mouth?

Thank you to the amazing artists that made this possible

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