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Old magic. New frontiers. A New Story Unfolds~

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Clinic of Horrors

In a strange city, there is a clinic that will treat the victims of horrific diseases. For a price.

Goth Girl & The Jock

An unlikely relationship blossoms. Do opposites attract? Or will their differences tear them apart?

Goth Boy & The Jock

A goth boy and a jock form a bond over time...

Beyond Blood

Nicholas Abott wanted to act forever, but as Nico embraces his new vampiric power, can he also embrace the girl who turned him?

Browser Girls

Internet Explorer is a web browser who isn't as popular as she used to be.

Stalker x Stalker

What happens when two yandere stalkers fall in love with each other?

Crawling Dreams

Nyarla and Ghast are living in a trendy city by the sea, that seems to be hiding some disturbing secrets.

Misc / Memes

Anything that isn't from a mainline series or it didn't quite fit anywhere else ends up here!

Cat and Dog Girls

Cat Girl Vs. Dog Girl! Who's truly man's best friend?